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Kitchen Exhaust

Kitchen Ventilation is the branch of ventilation, specializing in the treatment of air from kitchens.

It addresses the problems of the kitchen like grease, smoke and removing bad odor

Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services

Having your kitchen exhaust cleaning regularly is an essential part of restaurant maintenance and hygiene.

Allowing grease to build up in your kitchen hood and exhaust system increases your chance of fire and puts you at risk of breaking compliance regulations.

Within the past couple of years, there has been recorded that 43% of restaurant fires began due to cooking oils, grease, or food.

Having your commercial kitchen hood professionally cleaned ensures that the fans and exhaust systems are clear of grease buildup and don’t pose a fire hazard to your restaurant.

Experienced Experts from Hyderabad AC Services carry out the cleaning process with professional and high end machines, to clean the hood perfectly.

Benefits of Having Your Kitchen Hood Professionally Cleaned

Having a professional hood cleaning service come and clean your commercial kitchen hood and exhaust system routinely has six main benefits.

> A clean restaurant hood decreases the risk of kitchen fires.

>A clean exhaust system and kitchen hood ensure that your restaurant kitchen has improved air circulation.

> Having your kitchen hood routinely cleaned improves kitchen hygiene.

> Professional kitchen exhaust cleaning reduces the likelihood of slips and falls caused by excess grease.

> Having a professional service clean your kitchen hood ensures that you meet all of the restaurant regulations and safety protocols of a food-serving establishment.

> Having your kitchen hood routinely cleaned and maintained saves you money and headache. It eliminates the risk of being slapped with a hefty fine by restaurant inspectors and keeps your kitchen hood in optimal condition

— meaning it won’t need to be replaced for years to come.

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